About Us
Conway's Kids has been established to provide education opportunities for remote Central Australian Indigenous Students. Conway's Kids will create partnerships between the Student, the School, the Families and ourselves to maximise the outcomes for the students.

Keys to our Success
Building strong support with the schools Raising sufficient funds to fund the Children's Education Building a sustainable support structure with the skills to adequately support the Children and their Families

Organisation Overview
Conways Kids is a not for profit organisation that supports indigenous students from remote central Australian communities to complete their education.
Students are nominated by their families and Conways kids supports the families through enrolment and transition to school initially and then throughout the entirety of their education.
Typically the students live on school campus and Conways Kids provides a home away from home where the children can come together as a family for weekends, exeats and holidays when required.
Due to the distance and remoteness of the families, Conways Kids fulfils the important role of communication and support on a daily basis for the students and their families At the end of 2014, Conways Kids celebrated their first year 12 graduate and the plan is to have many follow in her footsteps.

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To ensure that ‘cultural’ Aboriginal children from remote communities have the same educational opportunities as youth from wider Australia.