When Ian and Lyn Conway took up 800,000 acres of Crown Land in the Kings Canyon Area and began their life there in 1980 it was without a home, electricity or running water. They understand the harshness of the land and the realities of raising children where the remoteness of the area impacts negatively on the educational opportunities for young people.

Lyn met Ian while she was on a working holiday in the Northern Territory and together they have created Kings Creek Station – a successful tourist haven and cattle enterprise in a sometimes harsh and unforgiving environment.

Ian and Lyn are passionate about indigenous issues and regularly advocate for the local indigenous communities. What began as a vision for the children from the “Ukaka” outstation, now encompasses all the communities residing in the locale. Ian, Lyn and their team are determined, resourceful and efficient.

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To ensure that ‘cultural’ Aboriginal children from remote communities have the same educational opportunities as youth from wider Australia.