The Vision
To ensure ‘cultural’ Aboriginal children from remote homelands have the same educational opportunities as the children of wider Australia.

Why Education?
vision1Research shows that only through Education and exposure to wider life experience and opportunities will these youth be in a position to fulfil their potential and to create change in their communities.

We seek to empower young people to reach their full potential by
  • providing placements in quality, innovative and responsive education establishments in major Australian cities (at this stage Adelaide)
  • raising awareness of disadvantage in educational opportunities of remote youth through our advocacy to government and the community
  • enabling access to opportunities for better education, support; health and independence in a caring and non-judgmental environment

Why Adelaide?
Adelaide is easily accessible via aircraft, road or rail, yet sufficiently distant to be free of the cultural, social and family issues which often impinge on regular school attendance.

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To ensure that ‘cultural’ Aboriginal children from remote communities have the same educational opportunities as youth from wider Australia.