From corporate sponsorship to hosting a fundraiser , or maybe the proceeds of your school or organisation’s social service work....

Conway’s Kids  would appreciate any assistance you are able to provide...

We know that you will understand that we don’t offer individual sponsorship of a young person but rather from our funding sources provide the ability to meet the educational and everyday expenses of all the Conway’s Kids.

For Each child to attend Boarding school, the average cost to the Trust is $40,000.00 per annum. Tuition and Boarding fees  are (average) $ 26,555.00 per annum, increasing annually as the children progress through the levels of education. Additional costs are incurred in providing sporting equipment and clothing, casual clothes, and everyday needs such as toiletries and a small amount of pocket money per week.  

Eight compulsory “exeat” weekends from the school boarding facilities each year also mean that the children have opportunities to broaden their horizons. While every effort is made to minimise expenses; food, accommodation, travel and incidentals increase the costs to the Trust.

Our Tax Deductable Gift Recipient Status makes donations over $2.00  a legitimate Tax Deduction.

The Conway's Kids Trust would like to thank the following organisations;

  • Smith Family

  • Some of the young people from this community have applied for and have gained support through The Smith Family for an Indigenous Youth Leadership Project Scholarship funded through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.
  • Westminster School
  • Badge

  • Westminster School
  • Badge
  • Rostrevor College

  • Kings Creek Station
  • Redback Productions

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To ensure that ‘cultural’ Aboriginal children from remote communities have the same educational opportunities as youth from wider Australia.